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hy are you even talking?

You're so irrelevant...

Words that have stayed with me since the day they were spoken to me at only thirteen years old,

resulting in a room full of people laughing at me.


At that moment in time, I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me whole. I wanted to disappear.

It's amazing the effect that words can have on a person. A few simple words can cause so

much more damage than anything physical. I've never felt entirely comfortable around

people since, strangers especially, never sure whether they're actually interested in what I'm

saying or if they're even bothered about having me around. Always giving into that little

voice in my head telling me that "I'm not funny enough" not "smart enough" and

that essentially... they just don't care... But you see, here's the biggest problem. Because

if they don't care, that means I don't matter. And if I don't matter, I can't make a difference.

And if I can't make a difference... I have no purpose.

Remember that little superpower I told you about? Well, it also means that I care very deeply for things. Whether that's people, animals, the planet... Some of my happiest moments are seeing others truly happy.


Imagine how EPIC this world could be if everyone was able to step outside with the knowledge that they could truly be themselves without any judgement. If everyone smiled at each other and treated each other like family.  If kids could go into school without the fear of bullies that make them feel worthless.

I believe that film is such a powerful medium through which to get a message across. Films can change people's mindsets, their beliefs and aspirations and can inspire them. Which is exactly my goal. I aspire to one day be that person that inspires people to be the best version of themselves. Every day I adopt Gandhi's approach of being the change that I wish to see in the world, and I always do my best to treat others as I wish to be treated myself. I aspire to touch the lives of millions through film. I believe it can provide an incredible platform through which one can be influential to others, which I hope one day can lead to influencing change across the world for the better.

I understand that aspiring to change the world can seem like a pipe dream and unrealistic. But it's all about the chain of causation, and paying it forward. If I'm able to inspire ten people around me, who in turn inspire another ten people each around them, the list will go on.


Generosity, kindness and caring for each other leads, in my opinion, to the greatest form of happiness and satisfaction. Nothing material can provide that; it's a feeling that is found within.

During the course of my life, I aim to enable the unheard to have a voice so that together we can strive and participate in creating a brighter future. There are so many voices out there that continue to go unheard, but that are so incredibly valuable. My role is to navigate to a level where I have the platform to be heard and listened to by many people. I aspire to being a spokesperson for all of the issues that are continually brushed under the carpet - someone who speaks with, and for, the people whose voices would otherwise be ignored. Imagine the difference that could be made by raising awareness about things that people in other corners of the world would have otherwise never known about. Let's fight cruelty and injustice, and let's do so by banding together and inspiring others to want to do the same. Imagine a world without homelessness, injustice, poverty, famine...


I have so many plans that include building shelters for the homeless where they will be provided with comfortable beds, food, hot showers, clothing and daily assistance in skill-building and applying for work. They will be provided with educational support as well as interviewing skills and support in searching for jobs in order to help them achieve independence and fulfilment.

I have plans that include deploying teams to areas affected by natural disaster, with the resources to assist in rebuilding, providing medical care, temporary living, therapy, food and water... and so I will continue to work unendingly towards these aspirations becoming a reality.


I couldn't dream or do any of this without the wonderful people I have around me who provide constant love and support, and who continue to inspire me each and every day. So to you, thank you. Never stop being who you are.

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