We have recently completed a feature film called "Faith".

It's a touching film based on true events, and is currently touring the world on its international festival circuit.


So far it has picked up 27 awards

(14 for Best Actress, 8 for Best Film, 3 for Best Director, 1 for Best Original Song and 1 for Best Actor).

The film follows a father and his heavily pregnant daughter who are involved in a devastating dead-of-night car accident.

Their family is fractured; torn apart by dementia, alcoholism and bitter resentment.

When faced with the ultimate test in which the odds of survival are remote, "FAITH" explores how far hope can lift in the fight for one's life.

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My business plan for the next 18 months includes raising £5000.


A small percentage of this will go towards sending Faith off to film festivals across the country and internationally to help us make progress on this journey.


The rest will go towards making a film based on the personal experiences of a human trafficking survivor.

This film will be aimed at raising more awareness on how much suffering and injustice goes on right under our noses, and will hopefully be a beacon of hope for other people out there who have also survived such horrific circumstances.

I have created a fundraiser on GoFundMe in an attempt to raise money to support this mission. Please take a read, share it around and make a donation if you feel it might be worth your time. You will have my endless love and admiration for it.